Padding/Wadding is one kind of non woven fabric which is known as space cotton or vacuum cotton .It is made from cotton fibers,artificial fibers or synthetic fibres. Sometimes we called it by the name of polyfill.It may be different thickness to suit the application.It is produced by loosening,carding,sparaying ,baking and curing of polyester fibres.

Types of Wadding/Padding:

According to softness and composition of fibres it is classified as below.

  • Air Hole (A/H)
  • Feather Touch(F/T)
  • Down Touch(D/T)
  • Super Down Touch(S/DT)
  • Crash Padding
  • Fake Down
  • Ball Padding

Regarding suitability of application it may be various weight.Our mostly used weight range is 60 GSM to 200 GSM. 


Production Capacity:

Production Capacity 8000 kg/day.

Price and Delivery lead Time:

The price of padding depends on GSM and softness. If the GSM of wadding is higher the price will be also higher. On the other hand if the softness of wadding is more then price will be higher Price range of per yard padding  is $0.35 to $1.50

Delivery lead time of padding is depend on season and quantity as well as types of padding.