Quilting Unit:

Quilting Unit consists of state of the art machineries which operation is fully computerized. There are two types of Quilting machine .One is vertical quilting another is Horizontal Quilting machine which is rare in Bangladesh. So we can do all types of quilting design.


  1.  High Speed computerized vertical Quilting Machine          – 8(Eight Sets)
  2. High Speed Computerized Horizontal Quilting Machine     – 4 ( Four Sets)
  3. Bobbin Winding Machine                                                              – 5 (Five Sets)
  4. Fabric Rolling Machine                                                                    – 1 (One Set)
  5. Fabric Inspection Machine                                                              – 1 (One Set)
  6. Quilting Fabric Rolling Machine                                                      -1 (One Set)


Vertical Quilting: 10000 Yds per day

Horizontal Quilting : 2000 Yds/Day

Man Power:

Total Man Power: 50

Main Product:

Diamond Quilting | Box Quilting | Square Quilting | Onion Quilting | Ball Quilting | Hexagonal Quilting | Flower Quilting | Butterfly Quilting 

Quilting Machine
Multi Needle Quilting Machine
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