Quilting is one kind of stitching or sewing process where multi needles are used at a time instead of single needle.The process can be operated by manually,semi-automatically and fully automatically.Mostly lock stitch and chain stitch mechanism is used in modern quilting machine. M.Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd has furnished their quilting line by the state-of -the art machinery from China.Two types (Horizontal and vertical) of  quilting machine are available in our factory.Horizontal quilting machine are rare in Bangladesh .

Quilting Design: 

We can produce all types of design those are mostly used in ready made garments and home textile industry.Also we can make customize design according to buyer requirement.The following designs are commonly used ==
  1. Square Design
  2. Diamond Design
  3. Box Design
  4. Vertical Stripe
  5. Horizontal Stripe
  6. Onion Design
  7. Flower Design
  8. Butterfly Design
  9. Curve Design
  10. Heart Design Etc

Production Capacity:

Production depends on designs.On the basis of common designs,production capacity per day 8000 yards.