A Vertical Set-up Backward linkage industry to produce padding and quilted fabrics.

Padding | Quilting | Fake Down Interlining | Taffeta Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier

Welcome to M.Rahman Quilting Padding Ltd-a renowned Oekotex and RCS certified Padding and quilted fabrics as well as Fake Down Manufacturing company in Bangladesh.M.Rahman Quilting Padding Ltd has been established in the year 2019 at Zirabo,Ashulia,Savar,Dhaka . Now a days the factory is located in the area of 52000 SFT at Shailat Sreepur Gazipur which is 56 KM distance from Shahajala International Airport,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

M.Rahman Quilting Padding Ltd is a private limited company and dully registered under RJSC .The founder of the company, Engineer Mizanur Rahman has been working as Managing Director of the board of the company since starting period.His visionary leadership has introduced the company as market leader in the field of padding Quilting Fake Down in Bangladesh.Undoubtedly M.Rahman Quilting and Padding Ltd is one of the best for paddingand quilted fabrics supplier and manufacturer in Bangladesh.

As a sustainable and eco friendly factory, M.Rahman Quilting and Padding Ltd has achieved Oekotex 100 and Recycle Claim Standard (RCS) certificate.So there is no restrictions to work with global renowned brand like H&M, M&S, ALDI,Lidl,Zara, Carrefour,Target etc.We are always concern about environmental issues during production of padding and quilted fabrics.

Padding,Quilting and Fake Down is a very common product to produce high value outerwear like Jacket , Windbreaker in apparel industry and comforter,Duvet, Mattress topper,Pillow in home textile industry.Our wide range of products and consistent quality makes M.Rahman Quilting Padding Ltd is a reliable padding and quilted fabrics manufacturer in Bangladesh.

By the state of the art machineries,skilled manpower and using better quality raw materials we can able to produce high quality padding, precision Quilting and down like fake or synthetic down .

                                              Project Summary At A Glance
Wadding Line

Padding Unit

Total Area : 8000 SF
Total Machine : 13 Sets (One Line)
Production Capacity: 15000 Yds /Day
Total Man Power : 30
Product: Padding | Needle Punch
Padding GSM : 60-300
Padding Width: 60 inch -120 inch

Quilting Machine

Quilting Unit

Total Area : 6400 SFT
Total Machine : 14 Sets
Production Capacity: 12000 Yds /Day
Total Man Power : 50
Product: Horizontal Quilting | Vertical Quilting
Product Width: 60 inch -90 inch

Padding Machine

Fake Down Unit

Total Area: 3000 SFT
Total Machine : 6 Sets ( 2 Line)
Production Capacity: 8000 Kgs /Day
Total Man Power : 20
Product: Micro Down | Down | Eco Down

                                                Utility Facilities 

Water: One Submersible Pump

Electricity : 360 KW Industrial Connection

Generator: 400 KVA Diesel Generator

Compressor: 10 HP Screw Type Air

                                         Leadership Organization Chart

Our Facilities To Save The Environment

M .Rahman Quilting Padding Lts always concern about enviornment and sustainability.

                                          Our Amazing Clients
Sales ration
                                       Our Focused Selling Products
MRQP Ltd Quilt product

1.Quilting | Precision Vertical & Horizontal Quilting Effect

Quilting is one kind of stitching or sewing process where multi needles are used at a time instead of single needle.The process can be operated by manually,semi-automatically and fully automatically.Mostly lock stitch and chain stitch mechanism is used in modern quilting machine. M.Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd has furnished their quilting unit by the state-of -the art machinery from China.Two types (Horizontal and vertical) of  quilting machine are available in our factory.Horizontal quilting machine are rare in Bangladesh

Feature One

Precision Quilting Effect

Feature Two

Horizontal Quilting

Feature Three

Variety of Design

2.Fake Down | Reduce Your Cost By Using Synthetic Down

Synthetic down is a reliable alternative to traditional down insulation, especially for outdoor gear. It retains warmth in wet conditions and is easier to care for. Synthetic down is also more durable than natural down insulation, making it a good investment for those who prioritize longevity. However, it may be slightly bulkier and heavier than traditional down and may not have the same natural feel.M.Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd produce customize fake down according to customer requirements. By mixing different types of polyester staple fiber we can produce fake down for jacket filling which meet customer’s expected fill power .

Micro Down

Staple length of fiber is 1D or below 1D


Staple Length of fiber is 1.4D-3D

Eco Down

Recycle polyester staple fiber or Bia digredable polyester fiber

download (2)

3.Padding | Use Chemical Free & Sustainable Padding

Polyester padding is a popular filling material for jackets due to its insulating properties and lightweight nature. It is made from synthetic fibers that are tightly packed together to create a fluffy, quilt-like material that can trap warm air and provide thermal insulation. Polyester padding is a good alternative to natural down, as it is more affordable, easier to care for, and can be made from recycled materials. It is commonly used in jackets, vests, and other outdoor gear, providing warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions.

Feature One

Fully Chemical Free

Feature Two

Even weight in a sheet

Feature Three

Lofty and Fluffy

Very Focused

Goal & Strength

We decide our Goal by considering our strength ,weakness ,opportunities and threat,

Our Goal
Our Strength
Our Strength
Our Goal
                                            Our Certificate and Compliance
                                                 End Product Gallery
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Sales Office

Email: mizanur@rupotagroup.com
Mobile/What’sApp : +8801855903400

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