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Grow Your Business With Us. We Provide Better Padding Quilting and Synthetic Down Solution.

 A trusted padding ,quilting and fake down manufacturing company in Bangladesh  for garments and home textile Industry.Make your puffer Jacket | Biker Jacket | Denim Jacket | padded Jacket |Sleeping Bag | Hometextile Product by using our Padding | fake Down | felt | interlining |Quilting and reduce your product cost.

Quilted Fabrics for making jacket
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Fake Down for filling Jacket in Hand

Synthetic Down

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine-washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Cruelty-free
  • More affordable
  • Consistent quality
  • Environmentally friendly


Polyester wadding is a popular material used for a wide range of applications, from insulation in clothing and bedding to padding in furniture and automotive industries. It is made from polyester fibers that are processed and compressed into a thick, fluffy material.M.Rahman Quilting Padding ltd is one of the reputed padding manufacturer in Bangladesh

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Quilt Your Dream Product With fully computerized quilting factory in Bangladesh

Our Company | Your Sourcing Strength

M.Rahman Quilting and  Padding Ltd is a fast growing Oekotex and GRS certified Padding ,Quilting and Fake Down manufacturing company in Bangladesh.Discover excellence in sustainable manufacturing at M. Rahman Quilting Padding Ltd, a renowned company based in Bangladesh. Established in 2019 in Zirabo, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, we have evolved into a market leader in padding, quilting, and synthetic down production. Our factory, now located in Shailat Sreepur Gazipur, spans an impressive 52,000 square feet, strategically positioned just 56 KM from Shahajala International Airport, Dhaka.

A steel building shed

Padding Unit

State of the art machinery

Padding Unit Consists of state of the art machineries .All macheines has imported from china . Total 14400 square feet area of the padding unit . Total number of worker for the padding unit is 20 .And daily production capacity is 20000 yards.

Padding Line in a floor

Synthetic Down Unit

98% Opening Rate

Synthetic Down Unit or Fake Down Unit and Ball Down unit also  Consists of state of the art machineries .All macheines has imported from china . Total area of the unit are 4000 square feet. Two synthetic down line and capacity is 8000 kgs per day. Also one ball down line whose capacity  is 1000 kgs per day

fiber opening machine on floor

Quilting Unit

Precision Quilting Effect

Quilting Unit of M.Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd is very rich and all machines are fully computerized.We have two types of quilting machines. One is vertical and another is horizontal. Quilting unit of MRQP Ltd equipped by 10 sets vertical quilting machines and 4 sets horizontal Quilting Machines. Production capacity 12000 Yards per day.

Utility Unit

24x7 Power Supply

Total Area of utility area is 2000 square feet. Two diesel generator standby for 24 hours.As a result we can ensure 24 hours continuous power supply to meet on time delivery.

Uses | Functional Services

Garments Industry

Padded Jacket | Padded Overshirt | Denim Jacket |Windbreaker | Sleeping Bag |Down Jacket Etc

Hometex Industry

Duvet | Comforter Mattress Topper |Oven Gloves |Pot Holder | Quilted Bed Spread | Quilted Sofa Cover Etc

Furniture & Toy Industry

Sofa | Cushion | Toy Filling | Chair Cover

Auto Mobile Industry

Car Seat Cover | Car interior | Floor Matt | Neck Rest

some photos of padding material

End Product

  • Make your dream product by using our padding, Quilting , Fake Down and Felt
  • Reduce Your cost
  • Save Your Time
  • Produce sustainable product
Our Purpose YOUR GOal

To produce cost effective product by maintaining quality with sustainability to achieve your business goal.

The purpose of our padding quilting business is to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, creating high-quality, sustainable products that provide comfort, style, and warmth across diverse industries, from fashionable outerwear to luxurious home textiles.


Ensure your sustainability

As a testament to our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, we proudly hold Oekotex 100 and Recycle Claim Standard (RCS) certifications. These accolades empower us to collaborate seamlessly with global giants like H&M, M&S, ALDI, Lidl, Zara, Carrefour, Target, and more.

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