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Padding Quilting Factory In Bangladesh
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M Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd may be your right choice for complete solutions of Padding, Quilting as well as complete garments. .As a Padding Quilting  factory in Bangladesh  the factory is a renowned name in the field of Non-Woven Padding ,crash padding/fake down. It is situated only  56 kilometer distance by car from the Dhaka international airport.  It’s a 100% export oriented composite  factory of Padding ,Quilting and Garments. This company has been dully registered under “Bangladesh Textile Ministry and member of BGAPMEA.
M Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd is third  manufacturing unit under Rupota group .The Group is privately owned company who have been serving in country’s textile sector since 2010.The group consists of four individual units. They diversified their business in export and local market successfully. The main product of Rupota Group is woven fabrics for export oriented ready made garments industry(RMG). Quilting padding for Padding Jacket manufacturer. Comforter/Duvet, Mattress cover for home textile manufacturer and exporter. Rupota group is lead by the Engineer Mohammad Mizanur Rahman who completed his graduation from Bangladesh University of Textile(BUTEX). After serving many reputed companies he started his business journey in 2010  with some young and energetic person. All of the board of directors of the company are also highly educated and professional as well as experienced in the relevant field .So we can enjoy professional behavior at the every stage during business dealings.

We offer the below products


Wadding is used as padding for quilts or certain upholstery products. Wadding can come in different thicknesses to suit the application, it is a lightweight material used to create some thickness and padding but at the same time it won’t weigh down the end product

Composition:100% Polyester

GSM Range: 60-300



Flat Padding

Types of wadding:

  • Air Hole (A/H)
  • Feather Touch(F/T)
  • Down Touch(D/T)
  • Super Down Touch(S/DT)
  • Crash Padding
  • Fake Down
  • Ball Padding

2.Quilting :

Quilting is one kind of stitching.But it is different from household or industrial stiching.It is the process where multi needle are used to stich at a time.it is fully computerised control and designs are controlled by PLC of the machine.

Quilted Fabric width:60″-90″

Stitch type: Lock stitch

Quilting charge/Yd:$0.20-$1.0

Quilt Measurement: All measurement

Quilt Fabric: Knit,Woven,Leather

Uses: Apparels,Home Textile,Kitchen Textile


Quilting Design
Quilting Design
Mostly Used Quilting Design
  • Square Design
  • Box Design
  • Diamond Design
  • Vertical Stripe Design
  • Horizontal Stripe Design
  • Onion Design
  • Flower Design
  • Butterfly Design

3.Non Woven Interlining

Composition:100% Polyester

Width: 60”-120”


Non-woven Interlining

4.Woven Fabric

Composition:100% Polyester,Cotton,CVC,Viscose

Price/Yd: $0.35 -$2.5

Width: 58/60”

Taffeta Fabric
Polyester Taffeta

5.Needle punching/Felt

Composition:100% Polyester


Price/Yd: $0.30-0.60


6.Flat knit Rib

Composition: 100% Polyester,100% Cotton,CVC,PC 

Construction: Mainly 2×2 spandex 


Used: For Collar,Cuff and Bottom



Flat Knit Rib
Flat Knit Rib

End Product Gallery

Readymade Garments:

Home & Kitchen Textile:


RCS Certified Padding Factory
Recycle Claim Standard-100
GRS standard Padding Quilting Factory.
Recycle Claim Standard Blend

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