5 reasons of using Multi-needle Quilting in jacket factory

Advantage Of Multi-Needle Quilting

Multi-needle Quilting technique is a stitching process where multi needles are function at a time. In normal sewing technique four or five needles can function at atime,But in case of multi-needle quilting technique 24 needle to 120 needles can function at a time . Its not a simple technique cause if one single needle not function properly then design will not produce . Another important matter that here has two direction to produce design .One is called “X’ another is called “Y’ Direction. By synchronisation of X and Y a design is produce.

The main advantage of multi- needle quilting tehnique is
– Full width of fabric quilting is possible.
– More productivity
– Less wastage of fabric
– Lots of design produce is possible
– Economical

where by pattern sewing machine you can produce only selected design

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