Down Jacket Filling Problems End Here!

"Say Goodbye to Filling Hassles -Whether Machine or hand,Down Jacket Filling Problems End Here!

Poster with synthetic down photo

Now a days synthetic down is more popular as filling or stuffing materials for down jackets.But sometimes you are facing problems like entangled during filling ,pipe blokage , less pluffy and less fill power. As a result your cost will be higher cause less fill power fiber consume more fiber for filling same space.

By using super soft micro fiber(fiber fineness below one denier) you can resolve those problems. Proper cut length is another factor for filling by machine and hand. According to our analysis 0.9dx25MM cut length for machine and 0.9dx32MM cut length for hand is suitable. Also uses of silicon during fiber production is another factor which ensure the softness of synthetic down.

M.Rahman Quilting & Padding Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality and sustainable synthetic down in Bangladesh.

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