Polyester padding is a main material for padding Jacket

Polyester wadding is a popular material used for a wide range of applications, from insulation in clothing and bedding to padding in furniture and automotive industries. It is made from polyester fibers that are processed and compressed into a thick, fluffy material.M.Rahman Quilting Padding ltd is one of the reputed padding manufacturer in Bangladesh.

One of the main advantages of polyester wadding is its insulating properties. It is able to trap air within its fibers, creating a barrier against heat loss and cold air. This makes it an ideal choice for filling winter clothing, such as jackets and coats, as well as quilts and blankets.

Polyester wadding is also a popular choice for furniture padding, as it provides cushioning and support while being lightweight and easy to work with. It is commonly used in upholstered furniture, such as sofas and chairs, and can be found in varying thicknesses to suit different needs.

Another benefit of polyester wadding is its durability. Unlike natural materials, such as cotton or wool, polyester fibers are resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, making it a long-lasting material that requires little maintenance. It is also easy to clean and can be machine washed and dried without losing its shape or loft.

In addition to its practical uses, polyester wadding is also popular in the arts and crafts world. It can be used as a stuffing material for soft toys and cushions, or as a base layer for quilting projects. Its versatility and ease of use make it a staple material for many creative endeavors.

Overall, polyester wadding is a versatile and practical material with many applications. Its insulating properties, durability, and ease of use make it a popular choice for a wide range of industries, from clothing to furniture to crafting

Polyester padding is made by mixing of polyester staple fiber of different fineness. A mechanical web formation by carding machine and thermobonding or resin bonding thechnique converts the web to sheet padding.

Machineries Details of The Project:

Machine NameQty (set)Origin
Weighing & Mixer1 (One)China
Big Storage Box 1(One)China
Fine Opener1(One)China
Hopper Feeder1(One)China
Carding 1(One)China
Cross Lapper1(One)China
Dry Oven1(One)China
Cooling Device1(One)China
Irioning Machine1(One)China
Slitting & Winding 1(One)China
Vaccumm Roller1(One)China
A line is consists by all machines,
Padding unit Of M.Rahman Quilting & Paddling Ltd

M.Rahman Quilting & padding Ltd is vertically set up padding manufacturing Unit consists of state of the art machineries.


We produce below Types of Padding:
-Regular Padding
-Air Hole Padding
-Down Touch Padding
-Super Soft Padding
-Down Touch Super Soft Padding


2.Needle Punching

We produce below Types of Needle Punching:
-Air Hole
-Down Touch
-Super Soft


We produce below Types of Interlining:
-Regular Padding
-Air Hole Padding
-Down Touch Padding

Non-woven Interlining
needle punch

4.Felt/Geo Textile:

-Geo Textile

Process Flow Chart

  Weighing and Mixer Big Storage box Blender Fine Opener Hopper Feeder 

Carding MachineCross Lapper Dry Oven

Cooling DeviceIroning Slitting & Winding Machinevaccum roll packer

Weight Of The Product: 

Weight can be express by two ways .One is gram per square meter (GSM) or Ouns per square meter.  Our  regular products weight range is 60 GSM-250 GSM. But we can produce 50 GSM to 300 GSM as per customer requirements.

Width Of The Product:

We can produce 60 inch to 120 inch . Regular product width for garments industry is 60 inch but for home  textile industry regular product width is 94”. Noted that we can customize product width as per customer requirement.

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